About Us

Divine Balance is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to bring justice and equality to our world by providing opportunities to experience the Female Face of God in early historical Christianity.  Since June 2005, we have been actively working to bring balance to our Kansas City metropolitan area.  We have held workshops in homes, churches and retreat centers.


We believe that for each of us to live in balance, we need to know both our masculine and feminine energy.   And because many religious traditions have focused on the male face of a Creator/Spirit/God, the divine feminine energy has never been fully realized.  Although many traditions speak of God in the masculine, we have chosen to explore the historical roots of one tradition—Christianity.


We are dedicated to research and education about the Female Face of God in early historical Christianity.  Our intent is not to convert or confuse; it is to enlighten. Whether or not a person’s spiritual community is or was Christian, each of us has within our very bone marrow and blood cells the idea that God is male.  Although it may not be our current belief, it has been the predominant belief of our culture and its effects are everywhere.


The discovery of what early Christians knew turns upside down what we learned as children.  And it heals.