"This approach to the historical experience of the Divine Feminine in Christianity is done with great intelligence and heart. I feel every woman needs to give herself the gift of hearing and experiencing this perspective. The workshops appeal to all the senses and allowed me to feel my Divine Feminine within myself in a whole new way. I am deeply grateful for that experience."

Bobbie Martin

"This powerful workshop is an amazing step toward restoring balance in our fractured world. Divine Balance re-opened the closed and dusty door of Christianity to me...both a joyful reunion with an old friend, and the beginning of a rich new relationship."

Teri Riley

"An opportunity to explore new insights into what it means to be female and free."

Doris Stout

"For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, the missing face of the Divine Feminine in Christianity is beautifully revealed and restored. Ally's landmark body of research is masterfully delivered. Combined with Bonnie's trail blazing spiritual leadership skills, their work will educate and activate, contributing to humanity's intended Divine Balance."

Toby Evans - author of Keeper of the Circles; Answering the Call to Wholeness and Chakra Labyrinth Cards.